Unity 3D

Unity 3D

Starts: September 22, 2018

With this course, you will be able to convert your Passion for Gaming to a Profession.

  • Learn how to make  3D Game, ready for publishing to 21 different platforms at one time!
  • Discover Agile Game Development design principles and practices geared towards Unity3D and .Net. 
  • Learn to create, acquire, modify and integrate AAA quality assets such as sounds, music, and 3D models in your games and give them the personal touch you desire.

By the end of this course, you will have a complete survival game, that you can Publish and Play with your friends and family or continue to develop into your own custom creation.

Course Duration:

Normal Course: 2 Months
Crash Course: 1 Month


Passion for Gaming
Basic knowledge of programming!

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Unity3D.
  • Manipulating objects.
  • Unity structure.
  • Understanding the user interfaces.
  • Unity3D Scripting using unity script (.Net)
  • Unity3D Packages.
  • Importing Assets.
  • Unity Game Physics.
  • Hard Rocks, Soft Feathers.
  • Using multiple Cameras.
  • Unity3D Movement Controllers.
  • Unity3D Sound and Audio Management.
  • Basic Collision and Trigger Detection..
  • Creating Game Play.
  • Importing models and texture.
  • Basic Unity3D Shades and materials.
  • Shuriken Particle System.
  • Integrating Animation with Dynamic.
  • Compiling your game.
  • Publishing a PC, Web and mobile game..



Rabeea Najam

Code informatics provides a casual and friendly environment, which urges the person to work hard and work with satisfaction. The environment was suitable for those who wants to complete their projects with full attention. Management of code Informatics is efficient and effective. Management was cooperative from the beginning till the end. Whether it was about class schedule or about any other information related to our project, they inform us before time. The content shared and provided was updated and as per the latest technique. Our trainer “Sakander Taimoor” is a very friendly and helpful person. He has good teaching skills and has got good command on Unity 3d. He shared his work experience, which was quite beneficial for us as we learnt so many things. From the very first day, he motivates us and because of that motivation we succeed in completing our project on time.