Java Web Development (J2EE)

Java Web Development (J2EE)

Starts: October 13, 2018

Course Description

This course covers extensively the programming and object-oriented techniques of Java. It introduces students to Object-oriented programming concepts, teaches them the fundamentals of the Java language and syntax, introduces them to web development using Servlets, Jsp and database driven application.

Course Duration

Normal Course: 2  Months
Crash Course: 1 Month

Course Outline

  • Review of Object oriented concepts.
  • Java coding Standards .
  • Strings.
  • Collection.
  • Java Database Connectivity .
  • Introduction to Servlets .
  • Request Data (Servlet data, Forms data , Query String) .
  • HTTP Session
  • Filters.
  • Java Server Pages (JSPs).
  • JSP Extras (Directives and Expression Language) .
  • Design Patterns.
  • MVC Framework .
  • Project Developemnt Using SDLC