Starts: November 15, 2017

Course Description:
Learn how to make iOS applications for iPhone/iPad. Learn how to make user interacted user-interface. Learn how to make web Service enabled applications. By the end of this course you will have a survival application, which you can publish or continue to develop into your own custom creation.

Course Duration

Normal Course: 2 Months
Crash Course: 1 Month


C/C++, Object Oriented Programming.

Course Outline

  • iOS/Xcode/MVC and some Objective-C basics and syntax
  • User interface/storyboards/nibs
  • View controllers/segues/send data to other controllers
  • Table Views
  • Collection views
  • Customize Collection View and Table View
  • Tab Bar Views
  • Gesture Recognizers/Touch events
  • Universal App
  • Core Data (Insert)
  • Core Data (Read, delete, update)
  • Navigation
  • Logs, Debugs, mini storage (User Defaults)
  • Web View
  • Web Services