Digital Marketing as a Career choice?

Digital marketing is becoming more of a necessity by the day because of the shift towards technology in the world. In a job market so intense, with cutthroat competition; it’s becoming increasingly important to gather all the industry required skills to achieve success in their careers. One of those skills is digital marketing, which is the reason about a 150,000 jobs in the field of digital marketing are said to be expected by the year 2020. Digital marketing training gives individuals a competitive edge against marketing veterans as well. Why? Because the traditional marketing methods that were used by them are becoming increasingly obsolete. The terms SEO, SEM, content automation, social media optimization etc. may seem alien to you right now, but rest assured these are the words which will become your distinguishing factors through the right digital marketing training. The newbies need it in order to have a chance to excel in their career, and the veterans need it to remain relevant in the ever changing world of marketing.
Gone are the days when advertising through posters and other print media was considered to be effective. What’s the new exceptional skill? It’s Digital Marketing! By possessing the knowledge of the right ins and outs of Digital Marketing, you’ll be well equipped to secure your place in Pakistan’s job market and establish a great career for yourself in the future to come!
In order to help you stay on top of your game and ahead in your careers CODE Training Services is offering an intensive course in digital marketing which teaches all the basics, tips, tricks and methods of digital marketing by our experts here at CODE who will not only impart knowledge useful in the present, but in the future as well. Our industry experienced trainer will forge you into the ultimate Digital Marketing ninja! Digital marketing training is an investment in yourself which you will not regret!

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What is

A Closer Look At What We Do

In the corporate world, there are always, individuals whose struggle is more prolonged and bitter than others. We know for a fact that nobody joins that club willingly. For this very reason, students and young professionals are constantly faced with a dilemma regarding the choice of field to pursue for higher education and the selection of a career leading to a bright future.


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How to Start a Tech Career

An obvious question that comes in the mind of many individuals wishing to start a tech career as they wonder about “Where to start?”. Given that the technology field is so vast, this question is answered with many different options with an array of numerous paths following the tech career stream. Virtually there is no definite answer that can provide a set framework or process for a person wishing to start a career in tech industry. We have summed up a list of things one can do to (more…)

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7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Personal Branding

Personal branding is the idea of marketing yourself and your career as a unique brand. The concept of personal branding revolves around creating and sharing your value as an expert in the form of a package. Here are some of the reasons why it is important and why every individual should cultivate and nature personal branding.

If You Don’t Establish Your Personal Brand, Somebody Else Will (more…)

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Reasons Why You Should Learn to Work as a Freelancer

We have many students that come to CTS and inquire about freelancing. Considering the feedback from our alumni, we are sharing some of the reason why you should learn freelancing and peruse it as an option to strengthen your professional skills.

1- Freedom to Choose Your Work Hours

As a freelancer one of the biggest advantages you will have over other people is the flexibility to (more…)

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Bridging the Gap between Industry and Academia

At some point in your career you might have wondered why some individuals around you struggle more than the others in starting a promising career or why some professionals find it harder to excel than their counterparts. Over years of dealing with young students and professionals from the industry we have realized that this struggle is attributed to a gap that exists between the industry and academia. (more…)

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