Bridging the Gap between Industry and Academia

At some point in your career you might have wondered why some individuals around you struggle more than the others in starting a promising career or why some professionals find it harder to excel than their counterparts. Over years of dealing with young students and professionals from the industry we have realized that this struggle is attributed to a gap that exists between the industry and academia.

The focus of academia is to instill the basic theories in students whereas industry focuses on the implementation of the much needed concepts learned in academic years. However there is a lack of skill set required to prosper in the industry and the gap is caused because of these missing skills. The academia also changes with time and research and as a professional you need constant refreshers to reduce the gap.

Here are the things we have noted overs years of working with industry professionals and master trainers that you will need to be successful.

Develop Your Skill Bank

As a young professional starting out a career, you should equip yourself with the necessary skills demanded by the industry. The best way to approach this is to join an institution that specializes in your particular requirements. CODE Training Services is one such place that helps you define a direction through counselling and also helps to learn the required skills through a very wide range of training programs offered.

Banking up on your skills is also important of you already out in the industry as the demands of the industry change constantly. CODE Training Services has one of the most comprehensive professional training programs designed around industry needs by experts in soft skill development and project management.

The Skills They Want

It is important to know about the demanded skills in the industry before going for any training. LinkedIn has ranked Mobile Development, Web Architecture and Development Frameworks, User Interface Design, Java Development, Software QA Testing and Project Management as the hottest demanded skills in year 2016. A step forward into training for these skills, CTS provides exceptional facilities and expert trainers for professionals perusing these skills in an attempt to ‘Bridge the Gap Between Industry and Academia’.

Remember to Have Fun While You Learn!

Always remember to have fun in your endeavors to learn new skills. CODE Training Services is built on the core values of Respect, loyalty and most importantly Fun.

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