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In the corporate world, there are always, individuals whose struggle is more prolonged and bitter than others. We know for a fact that nobody joins that club willingly. For this very reason, students and young professionals are constantly faced with a dilemma regarding the choice of field to pursue for higher education and the selection of a career leading to a bright future.

The Role of CODE Training Service (CTS)

After graduation, each student struggles with finding the ideal career path, mainly because of a wide range of areas they can pursue but also because of lack of exposure to the corporate world.

CODE Training Service aims to facilitates this decision and increase their chances of success by bridging the gap between industry and academia.

Open Doors for Students

Here at CODE, we realize that students and young professionals can benefit from our services only when they are aware of the contributions we can make to their development. In light of this, CODE Training Services organized a special interactive session for the students of COMSATS University, Wah Campus, where they were invited to spend a day in our office here in Blue Area.

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The intent of arranging this session was to launch, a new initiative taken by CTS.

What is is a new initiative by CODE Training Services to empower university students to leave their mark in the industry. In order to jumpstart their professional career, students must be well equipped with industry oriented skills and competencies. aims to provide these students with a platform, which facilitates them to acquire these set of skills. is designed to not only provide training to university students but also provide access to a wide range of options to these students in order to facilitate their career development. It is designed for the students who want to develop themselves in a specific set of skills and open doors of the corporate world for these individuals.

What Happened at the Visit?

Students of COMSATS thoroughly enjoyed the tour of CODE Informatics, located in Blue Area.


The focus of the event held for COMSATS university also originated from this idea. CODE organized an interactive session for the students where each candidate was given a chance to ask their questions and interact with our employees in their work environment. Furthermore, an informative session was given by the trainers of, who gave step by step guidance to students as to how they can convert their FYPs to business projects in an effective manner.

Students were also given an office tour and thoroughly enjoyed looking at the culture of the company and expressed feeling more motivated after the session.

Only through such incredibly helpful and interactive sessions, will students be able to identify and take different steps which are necessary for their development as well as accomplishing their ultimate career objectives.

Take the action and break the confusion!

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If you want to make a remarkable presence in the corporate world, or want to make exceptional FYPs then get yourself registered with training programs as soon as possible.

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