What is Code.it?

Code.it is a new initiative by CODE Training Services to empower university students to leave their mark in the industry. In order to jumpstart their professional career, students must be well equipped with industry oriented skills and competencies

In today’s world, when competition is really high, and the job market is extremely tough, it is important that students diversify themselves and train in new areas to develop a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Code.it aims to provide these students with a platform, which facilitates them to acquire these set of skills. Code.it has realized the need for student-oriented trainings and brings to the market, crisp evening courses in numerous IT fields.

These evening courses are offered at exceptionally low prices to match the budget of our university students. By specifically catering to students, Code.it certifies their development and better prepares them for what lies ahead in the job market.

“Bridging the gap between Industry and Academia” has always been the motto for CODE Training Services and Code.it aims to assist this goal.

Why Code.it?

  • Specialize in industry oriented skills
  • Secure a job along with studies
  • Make exceptional FYPs
  • Customized courses for half the price
  • Convenient timings for students
  • Higher job placement

Java J2EE


Software Quality Assurance





Web Designing

Search Engine Optimization