Seminar on FYP Ideation

Seminar on FYP Ideation

(October 20th- Islamabad) CODE Training Services conducted and informative session in IIUI on FYP Ideation. The major drive behind this session has been the overwhelming interest of students in learning about new and practical ideas for FYP. The session was delivered by our lead trainer Mr. Usman Ikram and business head of CTS Mr. Arshad Ali. Both the trainers shared valuable insight on technical and commercial aspects on an FYP Project.

The students had a great opportunity to learn about industry demanded trends in FYP and practical ideas which can be of value in their future endeavors to pursue a tech career. The mentors shared direct insight from their experience and answered student queries regarding their project ideas at the end of the session.

Behavioral shopping was one of the hot topics of discussion and with that E-business was also brought in to limelight. Secondly, Business Intelligence also gained much needed attention due to rise in the corporate sector and startup businesses. Time Based Solutions also became a matter of debate with the time being the golden element. Appointments and meetings could be made easily and with automation. Intelligent Purchase also became a center of attention with Data Visualization becoming a very important and helpful idea for data processing and representation.

Some other ideas and topics were also brought to light with FixIt gaining spotlight. The session was concluded with students sharing their ideas for further discussion. The instructor elaborated one group’s idea and also made pseudo modules of said project.

The session has been a revolutionary step in the attempt to bridge the gap between industry and academia which has always been a part of the very vision of CODE Training Services.